Tuesday, 30 October 2012

koh samui ☼

Sandy white beaches–pure, fresh air scented with the aroma of delicious Thai food and the salty tinge of the ocean lapping at the small island's shores. The Thai island that my family and I were spending four days on was beautiful with many things to see, taste, do and touch. Sparkling azure waters which many creatures called their home and small stalls hosting an array of goods to buy. The sound of voices good naturedly bantering as people haggled and laughed. Trickling waterfalls that granted the presence of the sure-footed elephants bearing human passengers–and all amongst it all a tall, peaceful golden Buddha statue, towering and tall as it's peaceful gaze overlooks the shops and markets nearby.

I loved Koh Samui. It was just so lively yet peaceful–bustling yet strangely still. It contained a bit of everything, of any emotion at the tip of your tongue and its opposite. I learned how to cook a few Thai dishes during my stay which was fun and delicious; I love Thai food! The flavours and how fresh it tastes. 

Another thing I loved about the Thai island was the shopping. The shopkeepers were friendly and haggling down the prices was fun; especially when both the customer and the merchant get intense. However it's a good place to shop out of Singapore–I bought a lot from those tiny little stalls along the roads.

The sea was gorgeous too; turquoise and aquamarine in some parts and when rain fell from the skies those glimmering colours morphed into a cold, biting grey. A beach that stays in my mind is the lonely little stretch of sand with only the perished coral gathering close and the abandoned shrine to keep it company as the indigo sea lashes out viciously. That beach will always stay in my mind.

xx tanisha (:

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

s w e e t sonnets

The night is shattered and the blue stars shiver in the distance

A line from the smooth, mournful sea that is known as Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines. A poem that murmurs of despair but does not wail with grief. Each line is wrapped in a tender, almost silent misery with the smallest of sounds but the intricate detail of sadness.

The way each line flows, the emotion flavouring each word; the choice, the way it rolls of your tongue leaving behind the taste of rain and the bittersweet tang of heartache. 

Each word speaks of the poet's love for the subject of his poem whether a tall, graceful woman with inky locks and blues that rival the Cornish sky or a pixie-like,quick girl with amber curls that twirl in the wind, fringe framing dancing forest eyes.

But it is not a happy love, it is a sad one. One of love lost and hopes swept away by the rising tide. People who have been in love can relate to this poem; connect to it.

The thing which struck me about it was how he wrote it, how each line was packed with emotion and painted a picture that stayed with you. How the poem bubbled with their love and the silent cry of what could've been.

~ tanisha (: x

s t e r e otypes

Glasses hovering over irises; unfashionable clothing covering skin; eyes trained on a textbook.

One of the world's most famous stereotypes; the nerd.

Everyone, every single student knows what a nerd is. The socially awkward, highly intelligent girl or boy that is teased for his or her excellence in academics; her interests alien to her other peers'. The nerd - banned from the social groupings and ladder known as popularity.

It's a cruel stereotype, a label. One that I dislike because I loathe stereotypes.

Once in a while a stereotype is funny; a common blonde joke or a quick little remark about a race. Something harmless, tossed casually into the air - to have a brisk, pleasant laugh over.

However when a stereotype starts taking over, becoming serious and controlling, influencing other's opinions and views it irks me. Especially school stereotypes; goths, preps, jocks, band kids, geeks and the infamous nerds. Being teased because you're smarter than most? Really? Just because you favour the colour black and a little eyeliner means that you're suddenly a depressed, moody person? 

What really irritates me is that half of these stereotypes are exaggerated to the point where the actual meaning is lost. To where it defines who you are as a person in the eyes of others and that provokes my anger. Nobody can be summed up in a single word; not any single living thing in this entire planet be it insect or reptile. Not one breathing or still creature. Even a chair can't be described, be defined in a lone word.

And what I find depressing is that how so many people go out of their way to hide their interests, to hide parts of who they are because they're afraid of being labelled, of being rejected. So many lie, so many fail tests that they could easily pass; so many shove clothes that they would love to wear to the backs of their closets due to the fear of being rejected, of being pushed away. To not be called a nerd or a goth.

I think that gothic culture is beautiful to be honest. The art, the colours, the clothing. The music; have you heard those instrumentals? The soulful lyrics? The makeup, though extreme, is actually pretty intense and shows off the nature of the gothic world - mysterious, dreamy and intense with a touch of romance.

So why are you afraid to express yourselves? Embrace yourself; be it. Take those clothes and wear them, write down the answers to those questions. Reveal those parts of your personality; they're beautiful and they deserve to shine.

~tanisha (: x